Extra Strength Phoenix Flex  Roll-On

Extra Strength Phoenix Flex Roll-On

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This Extra Srength Roll On contains 1875mg CBD! Easy to apply, even in those hard to reach places. Take it with you, every where you go, even on the plane! Doing a lot of flying or time spent in the car? Our Extra Strength Phoenix Flex Roll On is exactly what you need to ease the pain and enjoy your travels.

Why Our Customers Love It:

  • Easy to apply, just roll it on and keep going about your day
  • At 1875mg it works quickly on even those high pain areas
  • It’s perfect for travelling (by air, by road, or by sea)
  • It’s shareable – when you’ve got a friend in need, they can use it for instant relief (everybody will love you!)

The Down and Dirty Details:

  • 1875mg total CBD
  • 3oz Bottle
  • Professional Strength
  • Independent Lab Tested